Want to Ensure Your Roof Is Completely Watertight for the Winter

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What Does Membrane Roofing Mean?

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Membrane roofing is a system which was designed to reduce the chances of leaks and pooling, which is normally associated with other such materials used on roofs. This system has been slowly replacing the more traditional asphalt roof and is often used on roofs which have a flat or slight pitch. There are 3 kinds of membranes which are used today, these are modified bitumen, thermoplastic and thermoset membrane.

With thermoset membranes, layers of rubber will be applied on the surface of a roof and their seams are overlapped. These seams are then heated, which means the rubber layers will melt together. Because of the rubber used, the heat will cause the layers to create a chemical bond, thus ensuring the seams are strong and extremely durable. Each rubber layer is anywhere from 1.14 1.52 mm, which makes it almost impenetrable when it comes to leaks.

Thermoplastic membranes are very similar to the aforementioned thermoset system, however, they are made out of PVC or other similar materials. These sheets will not bond chemically, however, will create a tight seal which stops water from getting into seams. These systems are cheaper than thermoset membranes, but, they will need more maintenance and repairs.

Modified bitumen is the cheaper out of all of them and commonly used in residential roofing. Rubber compounds and similar modifiers are mixed with asphalt compounds, after which they will be heated so it melts and creates a tight seal across the roof. New modified bitumen used today are not heated. The asphalt and rubber are applied to sheets whilst they are still in the factory, which means the roofer simply needs to lay the self-adhesive sheets, overlapping the seams to create a seal which is watertight.

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